Immigration Services

Temporary Residence

Temporary residence can be obtained by a third country national whose purpose is to work, study or do business in the Slovak Republic.
The legal deadline for taking a decision on an application regarding granting of temporary residence is 90 days.
Yes, during the validity of the granted temporary residence its purpose may be changed.

Permanent Residence

Permanent residence can be obtained by a foreigner who is the spouse of a citizen of the Slovak Republic with permanent residence in the territory of the Slovak Republic. At the same time, there are other ways of obtaining permanent residence.
A long-term residence permit can be granted to a foreigner who has resided in the territory of the Slovak Republic legally and continuously for at least 5 years.

EU Citizens

A citizen of the European Union is obliged to register the beginning of his stay in the territory of Slovak rep. within 10 working days from the day of entry of the country. The accommodation provider usually fulfills this obligation. If you are staying in Slovakia for more than 3 months, you are required to apply for residence registration.
A citizen of the European Union can be employed or run his own business in Slovakia without the need to obtain a temporary or residence permit.


One of the legal possibilities to obtain Slovak citizenship is by granting it. In this case, the applicant who is not a citizen of the Slovak Republic must have a continuous permanent residence in that country for at least 8 years.
The Ministry of Interior of the Slovak rep. will decide on your application for the granting of state citizenship no later than 24 months from the date of delivery of the application. If additional documents or the opinion of other authorities are needed, this period may be extended.



Yes, we can also provide you with a wide range of services related to business consulting.
Yes, we can issue your invoices based on your assignments.
Of course, you can change your accountant at any time you wish.
We recommend you to find an accountant immediately after starting your business in Slovakia.
We can establish a limited liability company (LLC) - (s.r.o.) for you, register you as self-entrepreneur (trade licence) and also help you start another form of business.

Other Services

Real Estate Services

As a foreigner, you can buy or rent a real estate. We can help you in both cases within our real estate services.
We can arrange for you to rent a property or arrange accommodation in an accommodation facility according to your requirements.
As part of our real estate services, we can mediate you rent or purchase of suitable premises or a virtual residence.

Translation Services

We translate foreign language documents into Slovak and also documents iin Slovak into other foreign languages.
Contact us with your request and we will definitely find a solution for you.
Yes, we work with official translators and can provide you with official translations.

Assistance Services

We can provide you with assistance at offices, at the doctor's, at school or university and at any other institutions or places as well.
As a foreigner you can get a Slovak driver's license. Find more about this topic in our blog at this link below.

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