How to exchange your driving licence

Vodičské preukazy

This article contains information on how foreigners can exchange their driving licence issued abroad for a Slovak driving licence. Here, you can find all the information in one place, such as deadlines, fees, and conditions.

Conditions for the exchange of a driving licence


The basic condition for the exchange of a driving licence held by a foreigner is that the foreigner must have temporary or permanent residence in Slovakia for at least 185 days. The foreigner may then apply for the exchange at the competent authority of the Police Force, depending on the permanent or temporary residence address. You must apply in person and by verbal notification, i.e. you do not need to fill in any application forms.


Documents needed to exchange a driving licence


When applying for a driving licence exchange, the foreigner is obliged to submit their valid identity document, driving licence and confirmation of the driving licence issuance. All these documents have to be translated into Slovak by a certified translator.


Deadlines and fees


The deadline for the issuance of a new driving licence is 30 days and the fee is €6.50. If you wish to speed up the issuance of your driving licence, for an increased fee of €26 you can get it in 2 days.


Don’t forget


Finally, keep in mind that once your new Slovak driving licence has been issued, you need to hand over your old driving licence issued abroad and the police will return it to the issuing country.


If the Police Force establishes that any of the conditions for the exchange of a driving licence issued abroad are not met, the authority will not exchange the driving licence.

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